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AFBF Welcomes Call for Increased Use of Biofuels



Mike Tomko

Director, Communications

photo credit: Pixabay // CC0

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall commented today on President Biden’s announcement to expand availability of biofuels through the summer.

“AFBF appreciates President Biden’s decision to expand the availability of ethanol through year-round E15 sales. America’s families are enduring record-high gas prices, and taking advantage of domestically produced fuels will not only drive down costs at the pump, it will also reduce dependence on foreign crude oil.

“AFBF has been an advocate for the use of biofuels year-round to address the nation’s economic challenges and environmental sustainability efforts. Ethanol is priced lower per gallon than gasoline and the use of biofuels have reduced greenhouse gas emissions the equivalent of taking 18 million cars off the road per year.

“We are committed to working with the administration to increase production and enhance U.S. energy independence while supporting America’s farmers and rural economies.”

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