Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture


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The State: of the Presidential Campaign in March and the Coronavirus Effect

The full impact of the coronavirus outbreak on modern campaigning remains to be seen, but it may be time to start referring to Joe Biden as the presumptive Democratic nominee for president.

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The State: After Super Tuesday it’s a Long, Two-Man Road to the Democratic Nomination

Super Tuesday proved “super” indeed for former Vice President Joe Biden, who rode the momentum of a landslide victory in South Carolina last weekend to take the lead in the delegate count with wins in several states.

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The State: of Money and Polls Leading to Super Tuesday

We examine the state of money and polls in the Democratic race as we approach Super Tuesday.

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The State: of The Democratic Nomination for President

The Democratic primary for president is well under way and will soon be entering the high-intensity phase of the campaign schedule.

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SHARE YOUR STORY: COVID-19 Impacts on your Farm

For farmers and ranchers our calling hasn’t changed, though its importance hits closer to home in times like these: we are committed to rising every day to grow and harvest the food we all depend on. Share your story today.

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