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Nevada Ag Wagon Delivers Specialty Crops Knowledge Across the State



Sydney Garrett

Communications Assistant

Nevada Farm Bureau created the Nevada Ag Wagon, a traveling interactive virtual reality experience.

photo credit: Nevada Farm Bureau

Nevada produces a wide range of agricultural commodities ranging from beef and dairy to potatoes, onions and garlic. With a goal to shine light on specialty crops, Nevada Farm Bureau created the Nevada Ag Wagon, a traveling interactive virtual reality experience.

The Nevada Ag Wagon was designed to fulfill multiple purposes including educational outreach, public awareness, entertainment, technology integration and community engagement. The exterior of the unit displays eye-catching visuals featuring Nevada’s specialty crops, while the interior houses a virtual reality experience.

Participants can explore fields of specialty crops during soil preparation, planting, care and harvest. They can even experience the challenges that many farmers face, such as severe weather and pest damage. The learning experience is deepened with touchscreen videos and quizzes that enhance viewer engagement.

photo credit: Nevada Farm Bureau

Participants learned about specialty crops through virtual reality headsets.

“By utilizing virtual reality, visitors can step into the shoes of the farmer, gaining insights into the complex processes involved in cultivating specialty crops,” Nevada Farm Bureau shared. “This approach bridges the gap between consumers and agriculture, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges farmers face.”

Nevada Farm Bureau looks forwards to continuing to expand the project to include additional crops and regions throughout the state. They also plan to increase the number of events that the Nevada Ag Wagon attends to further grow their audience.

New Horizon Award

The Nevada Ag Wagon garnered Nevada Farm Bureau a 2024 New Horizon Award from the American Farm Bureau Federation. The award, which honors state Farm Bureaus with the most innovative new programs, is presented annually at the AFBF Convention.