Dan and Seena Glessing: Nurturing Leadership Roots in Farm Bureau

Jason Keck

For Dan and Seena Glessing, Farm Bureau is not just an organization, it's a family tradition that has shaped their lives and careers. While their paths into Farm Bureau differ, the couple shares a deep-rooted commitment to the organization and a passion for promoting its mission.

Seena Glessing's entry into the world of Farm Bureau was through marriage, seamlessly blending her journey with her husband Dan's immersion into the Farm Bureau legacy through his family. Dan fondly recalls childhood memories of setting up the booth at his county fair the night before the grand opening, giving him a sneak peek into the festivities. His involvement in Farm Bureau activities started early, thanks to his area program director actively encouraging him and even signing him up for various programs.

The turning point for the Glessings was when former Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation President Kevin Paap urged them to run for the American Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee after serving three years on the MFBF YF&R Committee. This was no small commitment on top of operating their dairy farm outside of Waverly, Minnesota. The Glessings served on the AFBF YF&R Committee from 2010 through 2012. This experience marked the beginning of a transformative leadership journey for Seena and Dan.

When asked about their best memories with Farm Bureau, Dan highlights the thrill of pushing beyond their comfort zones during their time on the AFBF YF&R Committee. The experience not only provided remarkable moments but also served as a catalyst for personal and professional growth.

Seena made a significant career decision during their tenure on the committee. She left her teaching job to have more time to maximize the value of being part of the Farm Bureau community. This decision proved pivotal, steering both their careers in a direction that aligned with their passion for agriculture and community engagement. Now teaching again, Seena is the agriculture instructor and FFA advisor at Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted High School in Howard Lake, Minnesota.

The Glessings emphasize the far-reaching impact of Farm Bureau connections. Seena recounts how the Farm Bureau network has helped her organize student trips, connecting her students with Farm Bureau contacts across the nation. From California to Illinois, these relationships have enriched the students' experiences and provided valuable insights into agriculture beyond the classroom.

Reflecting on their journey, Dan and Seena offer simple yet powerful advice to those considering involvement in Farm Bureau: "Just do it! Jump in." Their service on the AFBF YF&R Committee, followed by Dan's election as MFBF vice president in 2014, and as president in 2021, as well as his election to the AFBF board of directors the same year, exemplifies the impact of active participation and leadership within Farm Bureau.

The Glessings' story is one of dedication, growth and community impact—a testament to the profound influence that Farm Bureau can have on individuals and the agricultural community at large. As Seena and Dan continue their journey with Farm Bureau, their story serves as an inspiration for others to embrace the opportunities and leadership potential within the organization.

Jason Keck and his wife, Caitlin, serve on the AFBF YF&R Committee. They raise beef cattle and grow hay, corn, soybeans and produce in Minnesota.