Polling Helps Colorado Farm Bureau Better Connect with State’s Consumers

AFBF Staff

photo credit: Colorado Farm Bureau, Used with Permission

A poll commissioned last year by Colorado Farm Bureau is helping the organization more strategically communicate with consumers about the agriculture-related issues that are important to them. The poll, conducted by i360 Opinion Research, involved 1,037 registered voters who were also asked about their opinions on farmers and ranchers’ priority issues and their attitudes toward Farm Bureau and the agriculture industry as a whole.

Colorado Farm Bureau has already put some of the polling insight into action. The organization is running radio ads focused on increasing consumers’ awareness of and confidence in farmers’ stewardship of water, a consumer priority identified by the poll. In addition, the poll results helped Colorado Farm Bureau target the ads toward key communities and demographics.

In addition, Colorado Farm Bureau will use the poll results to promote the Farm Bureau brand, provide thought leadership, and grow membership.

Strategic Action Fund

Colorado’s polling was funded by a grant from the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Strategic Action Fund. Through the fund, state Farm Bureaus with fewer than 25,000 members were eligible to apply for funding of up to $5,000 for public policy-related projects. Several state Farm Bureaus – Idaho, Iowa, Kansas and Tennessee – each contributed $1,000 to the Strategic Action Fund for the 2022 round of projects.