#StillFarming Highlights Farmers’ and Ranchers’ Commitment to Safe, Affordable Food

Erin Anthony

Director, Communications

photo credit: Amy France

Launched last March to assure consumers that farmers and ranchers take very seriously their commitment to fill grocery store shelves with safe, affordable food, #StillFarming has reached more than 100 million people in all 50 states and more than 90 countries.

Whether they were prepping the soil for spring planting, tending to newly sprouted crops, harvesting those crops at just the right time, feeding and milking their dairy cows or looking after their cattle, chickens and pigs, farmers and ranchers carried on, day-in and day-out, while much of the world came to a standstill.

Growers of all types of food, fuel and fiber took to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to share their #StillFarming stories.

Kentucky Farm Bureau highlighted how productive farmers and ranchers are working from home – a new experience for millions of Americans.

Many #StillFarming social media posts, like this one from Texas Farm Bureau, featured the people with their boots in the dirt, every day, and many times all day.

Texas Farm Bureau

In Tennessee, farmers and ranchers delivered a message of togetherness.

Farmers in Idaho – and all 50 states – were #StillFarming to help their neighbors in need.

North Carolina farmers are #StillFarming so Americans have one less worry during the pandemic – the safety and availability of their food.

More recently, for farmers in the South and Southwest, like Oklahoma rancher Kyle Glazier, #StillFarming meant battling ice, snow and wind to keep their cattle alive and as comfortable as possible.

This report from the Louisiana Farm Bureau shows just what farmers and ranchers were up against.

Building on the success of the #StillFarming campaign and our commitment to give back, AFBF presents a line of #StillFarming to Feed America t-shirts. All profits are donated to Feeding America and the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture.