The USMCA locks in market opportunities previously developed with our North American neighbors, while building on those trade relationships in several key areas. read more

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement

US - EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement


Regulatory Reform

Agriculture and Regulatory Reform

All Americans have an interest in a regulatory process that is transparent and fact-based, respects the will of Congress, and observes the separation of powers in the Constitution. read more

The New Clean Water Rule

Climate Change

The Endangered Species Act


Farm Policy

Farm Bill Resources In-Depth

Farm programs are written to provide a basic level of risk protection to help offset bad economic times and severe weather. No one buys insurance for the good times, and similarly, farm bill programs provide critical tools to help farmers and ranchers manage risk. read more


Immigration Reform

Agriculture Labor Reform

Securing a reliable and competent workforce for our nation’s farms and ranches is essential to agriculture and the U.S. economy. Yet every year, U.S. agriculture faces a critical shortage of workers, making our farms and ranches less competitive with foreign farmers and less reliable for the American consumer.  read more



Tax Reform



Comprehensive US Energy Policy

In the recent past, tight oil and natural gas supplies drove U.S. farm inputs and energy prices to all-time highs, substantially increasing farm production costs. In the near term, stopping exploration for and use of fossil fuels cannot be done without severely disrupting our economy and threatening Americans’ standard of living. read more

Tax Incentives for Renewable Fuel and Energy




Biotechnology is an important tool for better sustainability and food security. It helps farmers grow more food while improving the environment. For example, biotechnology reduces the use of costly inputs and improves weed management, allowing farmers to reduce tillage for better soil, water and air quality.  read more

Data Privacy

Rural Broadband