Canceled Member Picnic Spurs Caroline County Farm Bureau Donation to Food Bank

News / FBNews May 21, 2020

Credit: Caroline County Farm Bureau 

When COVID-19-related restrictions on large gatherings compelled Caroline County (Md.) Farm Bureau to cancel their annual member picnic, the group used the money they would have spent on the event to donate chicken to the Maryland Food Bank. Mountaire Farms, a mid-Atlantic processor, partnered with CCFB on the donation, doubling Farm Bureau’s 700-pound purchase for a total of 1,400 pounds.

“We just hated to cancel our picnic, but it was the responsible thing to do,” said Glen Plutschak, CCFB president. “We are quite certain that every one of the more than 160 members who attended last year’s event will be very pleased to know they’re helping neighbors in need.”

The community’s generosity went beyond CCFB and Mountaire Farms. Caroline County Parks and Recreation staff worked with Blough’s Seafood to get a refrigerated truck and driver.

The 1,400 pounds of chicken was donated on May 20 and will be distributed to families in need throughout the county through the Maryland Food Bank and local food pantries.

“Given the impact of the coronavirus on the economy, income and health of Caroline County residents, the donation couldn’t have come at a better time,” Plutschak said.  

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