Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture

Video: Maryland Dairy Farmer Worries About Survival

News / FBNews February 20, 2020

Mornings come especially early on a dairy farm, and Daily Crisis Farm in Harford County, Maryland, is no exception. Every day farmer Dan Vaughan is in the barn at 5 a.m. for the day’s first round of milking. Vaughan, a Maryland Farm Bureau member, is back at 5 p.m. for more of the same, and usually wraps up by 8 p.m. In between milking sessions, there’s little time for anything other than caring for his cows, but Vaughan’s mind still wanders to the future of his farm and the handful of other family dairy farms left in Harford County.

“Unless things change in the next year or two, it’s going to be dramatically different than what it is now because most of the small farms are going to be gone,” Vaughan said.

This video, a project from University of Maryland ViewFinder photojournalists Alicia Cherem and Heather Kim, brings to life the day-in, day-out realities of dairy farming. The video touches upon the pride dairy farmers take in caring for the animals, as well as the weighty toll the struggles of the dairy industry are taking on family farmers like Vaughan.

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Spending long days in their fields, barns and orchards alongside their family and workers, farmers always have health and safety top of mind – and even more so now as the nation works together to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

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Like millions of Americans, Kansan Amy France is adjusting to the new realities of life as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, including social distancing, kids home from school, the closing of non-essential businesses and suspension of organized activities of all kinds.

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