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Power of Associations Summit Award Recognizes AFBF’s Harvest for All Program

Micheal Clements

News Service Editor, NAFB

photo credit: New Hampshire Farm Bureau

The American Farm Bureau Federation’s Harvest for All program was recently awarded for its impact on local communities. Micheal Clements shares more.

Clements: Farm Bureau’s Harvest for All Program recently received the Power of Associations Summit Award from the American Society of Association Executives. Matt Fimon, AFBF Young Farmers & Ranchers Chair, says the program helps address hunger in rural America.
Fimon: So, the Harvest for All program, members involved in the Young Farmers & Ranchers program take the lead in planning, coordinating and executing the initiative, often with involvement from local community leaders and supporters. It’s all about addressing hunger in rural America.
Clements: In 2022, Harvest for All participants donated 25.3 million pounds of food and $1 million to local food banks. Fimon says the award recognizes the economic and societal contributions of the program.
Fimon: We're really excited about receiving the Power of Associations Summit Award from the American Society of Association Executives for our successful Harvest for All initiative. It's really exciting to be able to receive this award. AFBF is one of six recipients and the only association recognized with a focus on agriculture.
Clements: Fimon says the Harvest for All program embodies the spirit of Farm Bureau.
Fimon: Farm Bureau is a grassroots membership agriculture nonprofit. We organize farmers and ranchers at the local, state and national level so that we can serve as a voice of agriculture. And to be able to bring all these young farmers and ranchers together and have the initiative of putting together these events, often with involvement from local and community leaders and supporters, it really means a lot and it shows that we have young people out there that want to serve a purpose.
Clements:Learn more at fb.org. Micheal Clements, Washington.